Boracay's Ilig-iligan Beach where the past meets the future

Located on the island’s Northeast coast, #StationN, near Puka beach, getting here takes about half an hour from Cagban port. It is reasonably easy to travel to with the roads now paved.

Known for its sequestered location, Ilig-Iligan beach is far from the white beach’s more busy area. Here, you can have the place to yourself—a place to wind down, away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

It is a glimpse of the original Boracay way before it was crowded with different buildings and infrastructures. Almost untouched with only a few establishments here and there. Providing the exclusivity most people are searching for these days.

Aside from that, Ilig-Iligan beach doesn’t differ that much from the main beach. Minus the infrastructures, it still has the signature soft fine white sand and the perfect deep blue hues of the sea and beyond.


But the crown jewel of Ilig-Iligan beach is Boracay’s own little Palawan.

Tiny island formations decorate the horizon. Gazing at it gives you a sense of awe and wonder. It is a change in scenery and is truly mesmerizing to look at.

This picturesque scenic view is something you won’t ever get used to, each time being more beautiful than the last. Each Instagram post can’t compare to seeing this magnificent paradise in person.

The only sounds you will hear are the calming rush of waves, the whispers of the sea breeze rustling through trees, and the breathtaking awe leaving your lips.

Moreover, the beach is a marine sanctuary. Flourishing with abundant marine life.

Away from the populated areas like the long white beach, wildlife here really gets to live and thrive, as this has to be one of the best snorkeling spots on the entire island.

You can have a piece of this haven by staying at Kaaya Resort North Boracay. The resort is one of the only few establishments built in this part of Boracay.

It is located in the middle of this quiet paradise, across the little Palawan in Boracay, and surrounded by nature.

The perfect place to stay and experience what Ilig-Iligan beach has to offer at its finest.


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